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Pretty decent.

It's really hard to judge this given the amount of content in it.

The quality of the clips ranged from hilarious to... somewhat painful to watch. For a good majority of them, the author's seem to think that the best way to entice laughter is to go "LOOK, HERE'S A PENIS! IT'S FUNNY!" The worst offender being the obvious and inevitable "Solid Snake" dick innuendo that's existed almost as long as the character has. Then again, I've come to expect this sort of thing from Newgrounds...

There's also the issue of some of the jokes dragging on and being overdone, or explained. One of the funniest parts for me was Snake with the fan attached to his neck just to blow the bandanna around. There was no explanation to it, and it was only there for a few seconds. Since everyone who plays Metal Gear would pick up on the joke immediately it's pretty funny. Unfortunately, the same scene was immediately killed by the 'joke' described above.

It's somewhat disappointing, since there are TONS of potential jokes for the Metal Gear series, but most of the scenes seem to stick the the same few things:
-Some overly exaggerated sexual joke.
-Raiden being gay
-Snake being old

I guess there's something in here that everyone will find humorous for themselves, but for about half of the scenes, it's the same dick jokes over and over.

I did find a few particularly funny, though.
Namely "The Failure," as well as The Fury in the cafeteria

Either way, good work to all of the contributors.

Pure awesome in every way.

Foamy is friggen pissed!

I do hate it when businesses do that kind of crap to you, though. It happened to me at a Gamestop a few days ago.


That rap in the end seriously reminded me of the old Pokemon episodes...

Great work!

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Pretty good, but could use much improvement.

I guess I can start with the good:

Great music/sound
Nice visual style

That's about where it ends. The not so good:

-The targeting reticle is not indicative of where your shot lands. In most FPS games, your crosshairs change to show that the spread of your shot has increased. Something like this would greatly assist in aiming.

-'Bullet time' does more harm than good. While the visual effect is excellent, looking at it every time you fire a scoped shot gets annoying really quick. It isn't helped by the fact that the opponents all move in normal time, so they can casually duck or slide out of the way of the bullet. (I should also note that the flying bullet is shown with its casing still attached)

-Few challenges. There really isn't much variety in the game. You either shoot black silhouettes, birds, or fruit, in varying numbers. There's also very little motivation to try and replay these stages if your score was low. More missions and stages is a must.

-Only one weapon. While the detail put into it is very nice, having a single weapon is kinda weak. Especially with a game of this style. I expected to see a variety of different exotic rifles, SMGs, and pistols, only to get stuck with a pretty basic assault rifle.

It's entertaining for a short while, but with a lack of variety in challenges, and weapons, it's not really worth more than a single playthrough.

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Click "Roll," click "OK", repeat, win game.

There's absolutely NO thought, skill, or strategy involved when the ENTIRE game is based on random numbers. At first I thought about where I'd place the special abilities and whatnot, until I realized that even those just wasted power if the numbers weren't right, so I eventually just ignored all of them, and kept clicking "Roll' and "OK" until I finished the game.

This needs a lot of work.

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It's like IWBTG if IWBTG was a bad flash game!

The reason why "I Wanna be the Guy" is successful, is because it is a fair challenge. There are very few deaths due to glitches, control issues, or problems with the game. All in all, it's fair. Just extremely hard.

That said, your tribute seems to be built entirely on the concept of fake difficulty; bad collision detection, control, etc. This is made worse when you say it's SUPPOSED to be like that. That is neither satisfying nor enjoyable. When the entire challenge is based on the incompetence of the design it isn't fun, just tedious and annoying.

I recommend anybody reading this to go play the real "I Wanna be the Guy" and see the differences in terms of the challenge.

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Klepacki would be proud.

It sounds like something straight out of Red Alert.

It's an amazing piece of work. Really reminds you of the days when Westwood was still alive and dominating.

Excellent work, comrade!

Liiw responds:

Thank You, comrade!


All of the instruments sounded kind of.... sharp, for lack of a better word. Still, excellent job, comrade.

Chronamut responds:

I suppose they are a bit sharp.. but I like it that way.. :(

thanks for the review!


My god.

I believe this song contains the cure for diabetes.

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